Friday, February 20, 2009

Louisiana Strawberries

Diane with a flat of sweet Pontatoula Strawberries
Diane's 4 layer Strawberry Shortcake

I look forward to strawberry season every year and to picking up a few flats of Pontatoula strawberries whenever they are available while traveling in Louisiana.

My grandmother knew how much I loved strawberry shortcake and during the season would have cake in the refrigerator waiting for my uncle and I every Friday. We would cut the cake in half so that each one of us knew which half was ours. I would eat a piece every day until my half was gone and wait for the next Friday to come along. These are very fond memories for me and when strawberry season comes around I always think of my grandmother and her wonderful shortcakes.

Diane made one of her wonderful shortcakes and used half the flat of strawberries and some of the thickest velvety whipped cream to make this one of the best strawberry shortcakes that I have ever eaten. We had picked up a half gallon of heavy cream while in Louisiana, made by Smith Creamery, located in Mt. Hermon, LA. (They also make some of the best tasting butter that I have eaten.) If you ever get a chance to try their products, don't miss it.
With ingredients like this and of course Diane's shortcake, I don't think I could find another better. It was as good of as any I can ever remember eating.

Thanks Diane for bringing some of my fondest childhood memories back. I can't wait to head back to pick up more ingredients. It's Friday, do you want to go?

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Mary Beth said...

That cake looks SO good...

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