Monday, June 8, 2009

Texas Peaches from Bayou City Farmer's Market

Strawberry Patch's Texas Peaches

A couple of months ago while at the Bayou City Farmer's Market I noticed a line of people waiting for peaches from the Strawberry Patch . The line was long and seemed to last for several hours. All the times that I have gone to the farmer's market, I had never seen a line like this. The line lasted until all of the peaches were gone and probably would have lasted until the
market closed if they had not run out.

We purchased a flat of peaches knowing that they must be extraordinary and indeed they were. They were the best peaches that I have had this year, juicy and very sweet. When I bit into my first peach the juice ran down my cheeks and I could hardly stop eating them.

Diane and I both enjoyed this flat of peaches eating all of them over the next week and not getting a chance to freeze any, which was our original intention.

Next year when you see peaches from the Strawberry Patch don't pass them up.

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