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Gerald Wayne Lemoine's Annual Boucherie

The Meaning of Living in Avoyelles Parish 

Gerald Wayne Lemoine

Gerald Wayne called me in February and invited me to his annual boucherie and couchon du lait held at his home in Bordelonville, LA in Avoyelles Parish.  .  Avoyelles is Louisiana's  cultural center for roasting whole suckling pigs.  Everyone in the area has at one time roasted a pig or help in the process and most families preform this ritual on a regular basis.

When I arrived I had no idea what to expect, I only knew that  if Gerald Wayne was having a party it would be something I shouldn't miss.
Suckling Pig Roasting  with Pecan Wood

The array of food all done from the pig was overwhelming.  Boudin, cracklings, backbone stew, barbecued pork steaks, and a hole roasted pig.  If that wasn't enough, Gerald Wayne fried about 30 chickens as appetizers.


Barbecued Chicken and Pork Steaks

Pork Backbone Stew

Checking temperature of boudin

If this wasn't enough, there was an enormous table filled with potato salad, rice dressing, pickled eggs and cucumbers, cold slaw and so many more sides that I can't recall them all.  With that they were making fresh cinnamon rolls all day long.

Gerald Wayne's Legendary Cinnamon Rolls

On any given day you can find Gerald making these for someone.  It could be for a fundraiser or feeding children at  his petting zoo and most recently at his annual fundraiser in Avoyelles Parish Jail for female prisoners before the school year starts so that the incarcerated women can help buy school supplies for their children that have been left with relatives or friends to raise while they do their time.

 Guest taking care of business while enjoying this fabulous meal.                                                                                     

       Taking Care of Business with the 2 step                                                                                


                                                                    Fais Do Do                            

Gerald Wayne and I have become good friends over the years and  calls from him come from time to time. It always excites me to hear his voice and it is usually to invite me to one of his outrageous  parties or fundraisers.  Everyone should have the opportunity to attend at least one of Gerald Wayne Lemoine's legendary parties during their lifetime.  I only hope that I will get the chance to attend and enjoy many more.

                     Check out Southern Foodways Alliance's Short Film
                                                By Joe York

"To Live and Die in Avoyelles Parish"

When Gerald Wayne Calls, I Come Hungry

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