Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sabine Pass Flounder

Gulf Coast Flounder

Oh boy... it's flounder season and these fish have been coming in all week at Louisiana Foods. We have been buying thousands of pounds of 1- 1/2 pound and up flounder for the past few weeks. The first few cool fronts of the season bring these beauties out of the marshe and into deeper water.

I always look forward to the first flounder run, choosing a 5 to 6 pound fish and stuffing it. I love to bake these large flounders stuffed with crab meat and shrimp and served up family style in the middle of the table. I wonder why the people of the Gulf Coast cooked turkeys when these beauties were available?

You never know we just may have to have one of these 8 or 9 pound guys for this years Thanksgiving feast.

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