Thursday, January 29, 2009


Oyster Plate

Oyster Po'Boy

Raw Oysters on the Half Shell

It's oyster time and during the season raw oysters on the half shell and fried oyster po'boys, are two of my favorite ways to eat them. I love them cooked any way, but to sit at an oyster bar and order a couple of dozen raw oysters then follow that up with fried oysters on a crispy, light loaf of French bread makes me excited just thinking about it.

Oysters have been my passion for over 35 years and I have made a life long quest searching for areas and people that produce great tasting ones. I have traveled far and eaten many an oyster.

About 30 years ago, I started collecting oyster plates and over the years have added several hundred to that collection, which some of them can be seen at

Tonight I am going out and eating charbroiled oysters and oyster soup. Oysters will be at their best for the next few months, so get a few friends together and get out and enjoy these great oysters that we are so lucky to have in our area.

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