Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fort Worth Chuck Wagon Supper

Chuck Wagon Legends, Homer Robertson and J. Arthur Garcia
Homer Robertson


J Arthur Garcia        

Heart of the Ranch at Clearfork

Foodways Texas Throws a Party to Remember

I met these two World Renowned Chuck Wagon cooks at a recent Foodways Texas Symposium on April 27, titled Food Routes.   The meal prepared,  all done from scratch, cooked outside in dutch ovens with coals and could not have been better if it had come from the best kitchens in the country.   

From homemade biscuits to peach cobbler it was one of those experiences you never forget.  We were so lucky to have two of the best chuck wagon cooks prepare this epic meal.  I saw first hand why the have won numerous World Championships.
 Homer making his home made biscuits from scratch, the way they did while working cattle 100 years ago.  They were tender, flaky and cooked to perfection.  

Homer's Famous Dutch Oven Biscuits
Homer's Dutch Oven Homemade Biscuits

 Below J. Arthur Garcia working the Dutch Ovens with their Famous Biscuits, and Fresh Peach Cobblers
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 Below Check out this beautiful and delicious Peach Cobbler tended by J. Arthur, the man with the magic touch. 

It' is hard enough to prepare a cobbler in a temperature controlled oven but check this out.
Famous Peach Cobbler Cooked in Dutch Oven
J. Arthur Cooking with Coal

Grilled Prime Rib Eyes Steaks and Bacon Wrapped  Stuffed Jalapenos

Texas Ranch Rib Eyes

Ranch Beans

Ranch Rattlers (Stuffed, Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos)

Mac & Cheese
Texas Prime Coal Cooked Rib Eyes

What a terrific weekend in Fort Worth.  Foodways Texas has brought together so many nice and  interesting people.  I would be excited and honored to spend a weekend with any that I have met at any Foodways event. 


 I would love to visit their home towns and explore food through their eyes and eat their favorite meals at  restaurants, barbecue joints, cafes, hot dog stands or their of friends homes.  

Food enjoyed with family and friends is the glue that holds us together.  Today all my great meals revolve around family and friends

"Great Food always attracts Good Friends"

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