Saturday, November 1, 2008

Houston' Bayou City Farmer's Market

Young Turnip Greens
Mature Turnip Greens

Every Saturday, Diane and I look forward to visiting the Farmer's Market to search for fresh produce, eggs, and fruit to use in preparing our meals on the weekend and the the following week. Today we picked up the several bunches of turnips and Diane made Marcelle Bienvenu's recipe for Gumbo des herbs, which is made from all greens... turnip, mustard, spinach, parsley,carrot tops and lettuce. We ate Marcelle's Gumbo des herbs last week in Oxford, MS and could not wait to make it when we got back home. Marcelle told us that she had grown up eating this soup. Marcelle grew up in St. Martinsville, LA about 15 miles from Lafayette, where Diane and I were raised. We both had never eaten Gumbo des herbs before this past weekend at the Southern Foodways Symposium. I was supprised that both of our families had never been exposed to this soup having grown up in the same area as Marcelle.

We have been missing this wonderful soup made of all greens and will surly make it again and again in the future.

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