Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Boston Butt Pulled Pork Meat
Diane checking the seasoning in tamale sauce
Maria and Diane spreading masa on corn shucks
Diane and Maria rolling tamales

80 Dozen Hot Tamales

Maria Valenciana has been working at Louisiana Foods for 32 years and has been responsible for our kitchen for just as long. I think of her as the mother of the company and the person that has been responsible for our consistancy for all of those years . Together Maria and I have worked on all of our recipes and when I have one that I can't quiet get right, I know Maria will always have the answer and know what to do.

Maria loves making tamales and makes the best that I have ever eaten. She makes what she calls rancho tamales, the kind made in the country.

Diane has been wanting to learn to make tamales for some time and took the opportunity today to work with Maria and the girls in the kitchen to make tamales for our annual Christmas party. They started after lunch and worked all afternoon. I was in and out of the kitchen most of the afternoon taking pictures of each step in the process. Every time I went in to see how things were going the girls were laughing and joking.

The process of making tamales brings out the Christmas spirit and Holiday cheer, because in Mexico tamales are made mainly during Christmas and is usually a family affair. Most of the people in our company have worked together for many years and today our family got together and made traditional tamales for our annual party.

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J Landry said...

That's my Momma! The Tamale making machine....can't wait to try them for Christmas.

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