Friday, February 27, 2009

Boiled Crawfish

Boiling Crawfish

Back Yard Boiled Crawfish

Boiled crawfish have always been a treat to me and my family. I eat them more today than I did as a child because they are readly available and served today at many restaurants.

Growing up we ate boiled crawfish only two or three times a year and never at restaurants. There were none around serving them back then and even if they had them, eating out was not an option for us.

Usually during the months of April and May we had crawfish boils in the backyard. My Dad would drive down to Henderson, LA and pick up several hundred pounds, take them back home and start getting everything together for a big family boil in the evening. Usually all of my aunts, uncles and cousins came over to eat crawfish. The fun for us was not only the eating part but purging,rinsing and playing with the crawfish and having our family crawfish race before the boil.

Crawfish season brings back great memories of family and friends. There is nothing better than to sit down at a picnic table with your family and friends and a big pile of steaming hot boiled crawfish.

We had our first crawfish this year this weekend and all of the wonderful memories came to mind as I sat down to enjoy these crawfish.

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