Monday, March 23, 2009

Grand Central Oyster Bar

One Dozen Please

Grand Central Oyster Bar prior to opening

Executive Chef Sandy Ingber

Carlos Arenas

Oyster Pan Roast

Kettles in kitchen

Having lunch with Sandy Ingber at Grand Central Oyster Bar, one of the greatest oyster bars in the world, was one hell of a treat and one that I will not forget.

We arrived early before opening and got to walk through the place before the crowds came. We picked the best seats at the oyster bar and got Carlos Arenas working on a list of things that we wanted to eat that day.

Before the rush started Sandy took us on a tour of the facility going through the kitchen down below the restaurant through all of the prep rooms, bakery and numerous coolers for each different protein. Walking through the bowels of this 96 year old restaurant brought to mind how things must have been done 100 years ago. Everything was made on premise and to run a restaurant of this magnitude took a huge kitchen. Keeping up with the current $16,000,000.00 a year sales takes every inch of this enormous place.

Grand Central Oyster Bar is stunning with its famous tiled, vaulted ceilings, making it one of New York's most spectacular restaurants even today.

We arrived back at our stools when we finished our tour and got ready to sample what Carlos had put together for us, oyster pan roast, fried whole belly clams, Nantucket Bay scallops and more oysters than we could shake a stick at. Thanks Carlos for taking such good care of us and special thanks to Sandy for giving us the royal treatment while in New York last week, we will never forget this trip.

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