Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Louisiana Bow Fin Caviar AKA (Choupique Caviar)

John Burke with Cajun Caviar Company

Bow Fin (Choupique)

Choupique or Bow Fin Caviar

Louisiana Caviar with Grand Isle Oyster

Diane trying John's Louisiana Bow Fin Caviar

The week between Christmas and New Years Diane and I went to visit John Burke, owner and founder of Louisiana Caviar Co. We went to John's home on St. Charles Avenue, in New Orleans, to meet him and try his famous Choupique caviar. While we were there tasting this Louisiana delicacy, John introduced us to his newest product, Ghost Pepper Caviar.
This caviar is processed the same way as his traditional product with the addition of a small amount of Bhut Jolokia peppers (Ghost Pepper) . Diane and I thought that the caviar with the addition of this Northeastern Indian pepper was a wonderful new addition to his line. We both agreed that we preferred the spicy pop this new caviar gave to our taste buds. We left John's house with a 5 ounce jar to help us ring in the new year and twenty seven more for our Louisiana Foods customers.

The Bhut Jolokia pepper gives this caviar a very unique taste and after the first bite you can't help but want another and another of this fabulous Louisiana caviar .

We ate the caviar on blinis, toast points and oysters and came to the conclusion that there was no better way to enjoy caviar than to pile it up and eat it off of the back of our hands.

So I say dispense with the formalities, caviar never tasted better than eaten alone without anything to dilute it's wonderful taste.

Caviar off the back of our hand
Capt. Wilbert Collins eating his first caviar aboard the the oyster boat "Capt. Wilbert"

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undercover caterer said...

Very cool! I wonder if he can ship out of state...?

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